“The Olmsted Law Group (OLG) has provided tremendous support for my business over the last decade.  OLG was instrumental in helping me obtain trademark, provisional and utility patent protection on a wide array of intellectual property that proved critical to my business.  When one of the utility patents I was pursuing was denied by the US Patent and Trademark Office, OLG quickly responded with a deftly crafted appeal which reversed the initial examiners ruling resulting in the issuance of the full patent shortly thereafter.  OLG is not only effective, they are easy to work with and extremely efficient and I would highly recommend them to any firm or individual who is seeking Intellectual Property counsel.”

C. Fertig President, VA Beach Products

“Andrew has been amazing to work with! He is friendly and helpful and always gets back to us quickly with detailed information and advice. He has helped us identify and anticipate challenges, so we can take an informed and proactive approach to trademarking our brand. He is fair with fees, flexible with schedule, and overall a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend his services!”

C. Maguire President, Intuition Sports

“I own a small business in North Carolina and a friend of mine and I came up with a very unique design for a diving weight.  After much consideration on who to work with I called the Olmsted Law Group and found Andrew immediately available.  He was very receptive and enthusiastic about my design and he made the entire process of submitting our weight design for a utility patent as easy and straightforward as possible.  Within two years the USPTO awarded me my first US Utility patent.  Thanks Andrew and The Olmsted Law Group.”

M. Laboccetta, President, Maverick America