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Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts

Wills are formal documents that allow a person to dictate where they would like their assets to go upon their death and designate the person(s) they would like to oversee the distribution of their estate. Wills also allow a person to formalize their wishes for the care of their minor children.

While wills come into play after a person’s death, trusts are formal documents that may be enacted while a person is living. When a person forms a trust, he or she appoints a third person, called a trustee, to receive legal title to his or her property for the benefit of another.

When a person dies without a will or a valid trust in place, Washington law will control the disposition of his or her property to family members based on their relationship to the deceased. For a number of reasons, wills and trusts are invaluable methods to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

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